Kinvara 5 Quick Thoughts

Look at it. It looks GLORIOUS.

A few quick things to note based on wearing them around.

  • Forefoot fit is defintiely more accomidating. My toes felt much less cramped. The material used here is much stretchier as well.
  • This looks like it has been built up but still comes in at same old Kinvara weight.
  • Ground contact is better and even feels a little bit more flexible as compared to the Kinvara 3 & 4.
  • There are stronger “film” materials around where the Kinvara 4 had tearing issues.
  • Tongue and Heel Counter are more cushioned, allowing you to tighten these up without too much foot pressure.
  • My Kinvara 4’s (with 40 miles on them) feel DEAD compared to the overall feel of the 5.
  • The Pro-Lock system feels nice around my midfoot, although I never had any problems feeling locked into the Kinvara.

Pete Larson (Runblogger) also posted his initial impressions here.

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Adidas adizero Boston 5 Initial Thoughts | Review


Dirty shoe pics a result of eagerness to run in this beauty.

At the Boston Marathon expo I had the opportunity to purchase the not yet released Adidas Boston 5 which now features the new Boost sole. After seeing a preview of them on Running Warehouse’s blog I grew extremely eager to try them out. They looked like a more cushioned Adios Boost with a little bit more room in the toe to meet the demands of my wider foot. 


At first try I fell in love with the shoe. Walked around in them a bit in the Adidas expo booth and knew right away I wanted to purchase them, if anything just to bring a unique present back from the Boston Marathon. The fit was secure and wrapped around my foot nicely. I constantly struggle with the heel slipping and found it not to be an issue with this shoe. When I took the shoes off I noticed hidden under the tongue there was patch that read “Boston Runs as One.” That made this a no brainer sentimental purchase for me and I was off to the cashier with my new souvenirs.

Since I have started picking up my running again post marathon I have put in roughly 40 miles solely on my Boston 5’s. It has been an extremely easy shoe to wear and just put in some fun miles in. It also offers a great amount of protection for my feet while they recover from last weeks race. I have done a few 5 mile easy runs, a nice 80 minute 11 miler and a 12 mile tempo run (on a pretty wet muddy trail). 


So How do I feel about them? I am without a doubt in love with this shoe. It really seems like the perfect trainer complement to the Adios Boost. A few things that make me enjoy this shoe more included a wider toe box and smoother transition. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Adios Boost but there are some fit issues for me and let’s just say I am looking forward to the newly updated upper. The ride is really easy and effortless as the shoe seems to disappear off my feet. This was really noticeable during the downhills on my trail run.

This shoe will be put in the “Performance Trainer” category but for me it will just be a mileage hog. The rubber on the bottom is super durable and I find the Boost sole to be the perfect combination of cushioning and responsiveness. The one difference that likely makes this shoe less snappy is the torsion plate. It acts more as a mid foot shank and doesn’t extend through the forefoot like the Adios Boost does. You can definitely feel the benefits of the torsion plate however, resulting in a little extra stability and pop in your ride. 

Boston 4

Super durable rubber!

I really look forward to running more miles in this shoe over the spring and buying another pair whenever they are released. They are going to fit the bill for a lot of runners and be that swiss army knife shoe that can be used for pretty much anything. After logging plenty more miles I will update with some wear information as well as final conclusions on the shoe.


Questions about the shoe? Feel free to holler at me on twitter: @billblunderbuss

Nerd notes: All I know is the shoe weighs 8.8 oz in a mens model and has a 10mm ramp.

Additional note: Sam Winebaum also posted his initial thoughts on the Adidas Boston 5 on his blog which you can find here.


Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 Review

photo 1 Pretty shoe huh? My initial thoughts when seeing the Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 was that it was a really nice looking shoe. This wasn’t the kind of Skechers shoe design I was used to seeing growing up, this was a no nonsense high speed racing flat. I picked them up from my local store (Skechers Manhattan Beach) after hearing rave reviews over the shoe from the online running community. Unfortunately I had so many shoes in rotation at the time that I barely used them and they didn’t find a way into my weekly shoe rotation. About a month later I was chatting with my buddy Seth Hasty at Skechers Performance about potential Boston Marathon racing shoes. I had been struggling with deciding what shoes to wear until he recommended I try the Speed 2’s. Before I dig deeper though, here is a little information about the shoe. Specs via

  • Resalyte™ cushioned midsole
  • M-Strike midfoot strike design
  • Dupont Hytrel™ stability plate in midsole
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Weight: 6.8 oz in a men’s size 9

photo-12 At the time I was having problems with my right foot. The forefoot would get extremely sore in low cushioned shoes so I was reserving most of my milage for the Kinvara 4. After Seth recommended the Speed 2 as a marathon shoe I figured I would start to do my track work in them. I quickly learned that I could run pretty fast and very comfortably in these. I fell in love with the ride of the shoe. It was firm but provided great protection. The plastic “stability plate” in the shoe allowed for a really snappy turnover as well. Pairing those factors with the 6.8 oz weight of the shoe it was no surprise to find out I was running pretty fast in these. The important thing to me is that while I was running fast, I was running comfortably and pain free. I started taking them out for 2 hour runs with tempo work involved. The Speed 2 managed to still keep me extremely comfortable and I began to realize that this was my perfect Boston Marathon shoe. Since I had already put in about 150 miles in my first pair I ordered the NYC Marathon color way (pictured above) to have a fresh pair ready for race day. I ran everything from mile repeats to long runs in these and they consistently performed well. My feet never had issues and my legs actually felt like they weren’t taking nearly as much of a beating as they did in marathon flats. The fit was surprisingly forgiving in the toe box for my pretty wide feet (deceptively narrow) and the upper really wrapped nicely around my foot causing no wiggling or sliding around. This last Monday I wore them at the Boston Marathon and they performed better then they ever had. I am officially a true believer in using this shoe at the marathon distance. I rarely thought about my feet hurting during the race and my legs feel fresher then they ever have post marathon. All of this coming after a new PR on a gnarly downhill course. I am eager to wear them in some shorter races like 10k’s and Half Marathon’s. I probably won’t use these shoes in a 5K however, maybe just a little too much cushioning for that. photo 2-8

(Post race sleep session)

I don’t expect much more than 250 miles out of these shoes but that is expected with flats. Currently I have 45 on my new pair and 150 on my old. Sketchers knocked it out of the park with this shoe so well that they have drawn my interest to the super comfy-soft GoRun 3, which I have recently started to use for recovery jogs and easy base runs. I am very much looking forward to the future that Skechers Performance has ahead and the great shoes to come.