Kinvara 5 Quick Thoughts

Look at it. It looks GLORIOUS.

A few quick things to note based on wearing them around.

  • Forefoot fit is defintiely more accomidating. My toes felt much less cramped. The material used here is much stretchier as well.
  • This looks like it has been built up but still comes in at same old Kinvara weight.
  • Ground contact is better and even feels a little bit more flexible as compared to the Kinvara 3 & 4.
  • There are stronger “film” materials around where the Kinvara 4 had tearing issues.
  • Tongue and Heel Counter are more cushioned, allowing you to tighten these up without too much foot pressure.
  • My Kinvara 4’s (with 40 miles on them) feel DEAD compared to the overall feel of the 5.
  • The Pro-Lock system feels nice around my midfoot, although I never had any problems feeling locked into the Kinvara.

Pete Larson (Runblogger) also posted his initial impressions here.

Questions? Holler at me on twitter: @billblunderbuss

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